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The Suzuki Voice Program

since 1986


The Suzuki Voice Program is approved by the ISA. It has been specially designed to learn vocal technique and style in a progressive manner. It enables a student to start listening to songs during pregnancy and continue singing until adulthood. The Program has been developed in Vantaa, Finland since 1986 by Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki. The original voice students have followed in the Program already for 20-31 years.

There are trained teachers in 22 countries including America, Australia, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. By singing the repertoire, the students and teachers are able to learn from one another's countries and to understand more about their different cultures and languages.

Suzuki Voice Baby 9 weeks, 1990 :

Suzuki Voice Students' duet (age 12 and 15), 2002 :

Suzuki Voice student (age 20), 2009

Suzuki Voice Workshop, 2009 :

Suzuki Voice Program DVD 1986-1991 and other DVDs are avaiable during the Suzuki Voice Teacher Training.

The program was fully researched and developed by Dr. Kukkamäki at Sibelius University over the course of a 15-year research project with teaching techniques developed from 1987 to 2003. Her doctoral thesis was published as: Laulun myötä kasvuun - Laulusuzukimenetelmän kehittämisprojekti (2003) [Growing Through Singing - development project of Suzuki Voice].

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