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Mayor Ritva Viljanen, City of Vantaa

Dear friends of vocal music,

I warmly welcome you to the city of Vantaa!

The Suzuki Method which originated in Japan has wonderful principles. It supports a child's natural talents, musicality and personality development. However, the roots of Suzuki Voice go as far back as 32 years, and at that time, expectant mothers from the City of Vantaa were the first ones to be able to try lessons under this method with Päivi Kukkamäki.

Suzuki Voice is a wonderful example of how specialisation, development and promotion can lead to great achievements. Today the Suzuki Voice method is used all over the world and cultural background is an important part of the work done in connection with the Method. I am happy that this Conference, organized by the Suzuki-Families Association, is offered to people from different countries and cultures. It is an opportunity to share experiences, to learn more and to enjoy the conference program.

Vantaa is proud of its internationalism, sense of community and innovative culture and these are values we share with the Suzuki Voice program. Our city, located next to the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, is delighted by its residents and guests coming from diverse backgrounds and looks to the future openly.

There are many things to do and experience in Vantaa – I wish you all a rewarding Conference and hope you enjoy the official Program and the versatile services of the city of Vantaa!

Ritva Viljanen
Mayor, City of Vantaa

Cultural Director Annukka Larkio, City of Vantaa

Welcome to Vantaa!

On behalf of the city of Vantaa, I warmly welcome you to the Songs for Sharing Suzuki Conference in Vantaa!

We are delighted that we have the Suzuki Voice Conference again in Vantaa – where the Suzuki Voice Program had been developed. 2010 was the last time the conference was in Vantaa with participants from 10 different countries. Singing is a gift that connects people around the world. The same songs can be sung all around the world. Through these songs we learn to understand more about different cultures and habits and songs help us to learn new languages.

Vantaa is an international and dynamic city of culture, which emphasizes especially music education for children and the young. Basic art education and devotion to the arts are key areas in our city level cultural strategy.

Vantaa offers the possibility to create and experience arts and culture for all children and young people from early childhood education to upper secondary school.

I wish you a warm welcome to our beautiful city and hope that you will enjoy your time as our guests.

Annukka Larkio
Cultural Director, City of Vantaa

Marjukka Mäyry, chairwoman of Suzuki-Families Association

Suzuki voice teachers and students –

Welcome to Vantaa!

It is a great pleasure to be able to see and hear the joy of singing, which is transmitted from your performances to us, the listeners. You come from many countries and from different cultures, but all of you share a common mission and a goal, to learn how to sing beautifully. I admire the skill you have already learned as young children, which is singing in multiple languages. Through music and through these big meetings you are also getting an international education.

I hope you enjoy our beautiful nature and hopefully our beautiful summer! We will also spend one day at a small, beautiful lake where you can get acquainted with a real Finnish sauna!

Marjukka Mäyry
Chairwoman, Suzuki-Families Association

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, the Founder of Suzuki Voice Program

Dear Suzuki Voice Teachers, Suzuki Voice students and parents!

We welcome you to Vantaa, Finland - the town where the Suzuki Voice Program was born!

Every student has a unique voice and timbre of its own. Suzuki Voice students are encouraged to sing from the beginning as a soloist and also in the groups. The students who started the Suzuki Voice Program in Finland during pregnancy or early childhood are now adults to whom singing has become an important part of their lives - either as a hobby or occupation.

”Songs for Sharing” means that we come together every second year in different countries to sing, we sing Suzuki Voice repertoire, classical voice repertoire: art songs, operas and musicals, and every country also teaches their own art songs and folksongs in their original languages. Doctor Shinichi Suzuki and his wife, Waltraud Suzuki liked the idea that children would learn songs by sharing. Suzuki Voice students develop an extensive vocal repertoire. Through our songs we learn to understand and respect other cultures and languages. It is a joy to share songs and sing together. We belong to one big Suzuki Voice Family!

You are most welcome to the 14th International Songs for Sharing Suzuki Voice Conference!

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
ESA and SAA Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer
Founder of the Suzuki Voice Program
Conference, chair

Reeli Karimäki, Director Culture for Children and Youth, City of Vantaa

You are most Welcome to Vantaa!

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