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JULY 16 - 21, 2018


Open to all Qualified Suzuki Voice Teachers, Accepted Suzuki Voice Teachers-in-Training and Suzuki Voice Students and Parents around the World

The patron of this event is

Cultural Director Annukka Larkio, City of Vantaa

Organizer of the Event: Suzuki-Families Association

Conference Venue: Music Institute of Vantaa (Lummetie 4, 01300 Vantaa)


Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers: Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (Finland), Mette Heikkinen (Finland), Katrina Pezzimenti (Australia), Analia Capponi-Savolainen (Finland -Argentina) and Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (Finland). Suzuki Voice Teachers and Students from Argentina, Australia, England, Finland, France, Japan, Mexico, Spain, USA... Pianists: Marjaana Merikanto and Kimmo Ruotsala (Finland). Violinist: Kirsi Ruotsala.

Lessons for Suzuki Voice Teachers and Suzuki Voice Students
Master Class for Advanced Suzuki Voice Students
Suzuki Voice Teacher Training / Examinations / Teachers' Meetings


Registration Deadline for the Conference

April 30th, 2018

Later registration will cost 20 euros more/level.

Participation costs will be paid to the Suzuki-Families Association account beforehand. However foreign participants are able to pay participation cost during the registration day Monday July 16th, 2018 at 10—12.


Conference Participation Costs

100 € Level 1—2 Suzuki Voice Students   

145 € Level 3 Suzuki Voice Students          

165 € Level 4—5 Suzuki Voice Students      

165 € Suzuki Voice Teachers and Suzuki Voice Teachers-in-Training         

NOTE: Siblings 30 € less/child

Note: TRAINING in ESA / PPSA / SAA (Comparison between Regions is in progress since 2014). ESA and PPSA have exam after every level.
ESA LEVEL 4 Part One to Three / PPSA INTERMEDIATE LEVEL STAGE 2 Part One to Three  / SAA UNITS 4-6 (upcoming 5-)
ESA LEVEL 5 Part One to Four / PPSA ADVANCED LEVEL Part One to Four / SAA UNITS 7-10 (upcoming)
Extra 30 minutes individual voice lessons possible at cost 30 € depending on amount of participants and time schedule. Payment: straight to the Suzuki Voice Teacher.

Homestay (if possible) 10 € / night / person

Hotels near the venue.

Participants reserve the hotel by themselves.

Tikkurila hotel

AirBus hotel

Hotel Vantaa


All Registered Suzuki Voice Teachers and Suzuki Voice Students are invited to participate in

  • Monday July 16th at 6 pm Opening Recital, Suzuki-Families association 30 years and “Songs for Sharing” Finnish Country presentation at Lumme Hall, Vantaa. (Public Recital)
  • Tuesday July 17th at 12 am Art Gallery K Reception City of Vantaa, Asematie 7
  • Tuesday July 17that 4 pm, Suzuki Voice Teacher’s Song Recital at Concert Hall ”Lummesali”, Vantaa (Public Recital)
  • Tuesday July 17that 6 pm “Songs for Sharing” Country presentations Concert Hall ”Lummesali”, Vantaa
  • Wednesday July 18th at 11 am Suzuki Voice students’ Solo Recital at ”Lummesali”, Vantaa
  • Thursday July 19th at 6 pm International “Songs for Sharing”  Gala Recital and Buffet at Concert Hall Martinus, Vantaa (Public Recital)
  • Friday July 20th Song Day by the lake
  • Saturday July 21st Visit Suomenlinna and Linnanmäki


Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th of July, 2018

Teacher Training in all levels


Repertoire Practice and Technique

Songs Analyzing

Observations and Discussions during Conference

Recitals during Conference

Exams during Conference

Separate cost depending on the training level. Payment: straight to the Teacher Trainer.
Training days will be at Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer’s home studio. Training schedule will be planned separately depending on the number of exams and coming teachers.
New interested teachers can register by sending an audition and resume to be accepted as Suzuki Voice Teacher-in-Training deadline April 30th, 2018.
For more information please go to "Teacher training" page.



Part songs are marked with *

10.12.2016 update


Levels 1 and 2 (ESA), Primary level Stage 1 and 2 (PPSA. ANSTEA), Units 1—2 (SAA)

Volume 1 and 2

Folk Song ”Twinkle” / ”Estrellita” / ”Tuiki, tuiki tähtönen”

Folk Song ”Cuckoo” / ”El Cucù” / ”Käki”

Folk Song ”Long, long Ago” / ”Hace  mucho mucho tiempo” / ”Viehkeä prinsessa”

Folk Song ”Pat a cake” / ”Bate la masa” / ”Venytä, vanuta taikinaa”

Folk Song ”The Cuckoo and the Owl” / ”El buho y el cuco” / ”Käki”

Folk Song ”May Song” / ”Canciòn de mayo” / ”Kevätlaulu”


Level 3 (ESA), Intermediate level Stage 1 (PPSA, ANSTEA), Unit 3 (SAA)

Volume 3

Ludvig van Beethoven ”An die Freude”

Piae Cantiones ”Tempust adest Floridum”, ”Tuulet leudot tuoksuaa”

Felix Mendelssohn ”Gruss”

Johan Sebastian Bach ”Wir Gehn nun”

Fredric Pacius "Romans från Skogen" in Swedish


Level 4 Parts 1—3 (ESA), Intermediate level Stage 2 Parts 1—3 (PPSA, ANSTEA), Units 4—6 (SAA)

Friedrich Fleishmann “Wiegenlied” ”Schlafe mein Prinzchen Schalf ein”

Vaccait ”Avvezzo a vivere” and “Come il candore” 

Catalonian Folk Song "El noi de la mare" (Catalan art song)

Peruvian Folk song "Niño Manuelito" (Peruvian song)

*Estes, Jerry ”Our Gift for You” (version: for 2-part voices + piano)

Japanese Folk Song “Sakura” (Japanese art song)

Sibelius, Jean “Souda, souda sinisorsa” (Finnish art song)

*Sibelius, Jean “Finlandia"

*Merikanto, Oskar “Onnelliset”

Suzuki, Shinichi “Onegai”

Carlos Guastavino ”Las Flores del Macachin” (Argentinian art Song)

James, William “Bush Night Song” (Australian art song)

*Leek, Stephen “Morning Tide”

Composer unknown “Nina” (antiche aria)

Scarlatti, Alessandro “Giá il sole dal Gange” (antiche aria)

Scarlatti, Alessandro “Le Violette” (antiche aria)


Level 5 Parts 1—4 (ESA), Advanced level Parts 1—4 (PPSA, ANSTEA), Units 7—10 (SAA)

Vaccait “De lira” and “Senza l’amabile”  

Cesar Franck “Panis Angelicus” in Latin

*Don Besig "Flying Free" (version : SAB) (USA)

Oskar Merikanto “Oi, kiitos sä Luojani armollinen”

W. A. Mozart  ”Rice veteo padron cina” (girls) Le nozze di Figaro-opera

W. A. Mozart  “Diggi, daggi” (boys) Bastien & Bastienne -opera

W. A. Mozart  ”Seid und zum zweiten Mal willkommen” Die Zauberflöte-opera

W. A. Mozart  ”Soave sia il vento” Cosi fan Tutte-opera

*Schumann, Robert “So wahr die Sonne scheinet” Duette (Edition Peters Nr. 2392)

Franz Schubert “Ave Maria”

Georg Bizet: Carmen "Avec la..." Children's choir

Carlos Quastavino “Pueblito mi Pueblo” Argentinian Spanish

Clotilde Arias ”Huiracocha”  in Peruvian Spanish

Gioachino Rossini ”La Regata Veneziana” in Italy

SUZUKI VOICE  Schedule &  Assigned Place/Room 
TUESDAY Place ? REHEARSAL for Dr. Suzuki Mass with Prof. Koji Toyoda and orchestra Suzuki Voice Teachers
March 27th 6.30-8.30 pm
Time Assigned place/room Events/Activities Teacher
WEDNESDAY March 27th 9:00~12:30 TERI Rm 201 (Grand Piano) Preparation at 9 am. At 9.15 am Amelia Seyssel's ESA Level 4 Teaching exam (Individual 45 mins, group 45 mins), playing skills, conversation. At 11.30 am Masayo Okano's ESA level 2 Teaching (Individual 15 mins, group 30 mins) at 12.15 Palying skills and converstaion. Three Examiners
9:20~ Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School  Children's Summit-as one of the speaker Viivi Rättyä (student)
10:00~13:00 Matsumoto Performing Arts Center  Registration  
13:00~14:00 Matsumoto Performing Arts Center International Suzuki Teachers Conference  
14:30~17:00 TERI Hall 3 Teachers ESA Voice Recitals and Eriko Shimada's Level 3 Teaching (1 h 15 mins) Three Examiners
THURSDAY Matsumoto City Gym    Opening Concert  
March 28th
13:00~14:00 Kissei Cultural Hall -Middle hall String Orchestra Class B (Hallelujah Chorus. ) Prf. Koji Toyoda
13:00~14:00 Matsumoto City Gym -  Group Lesson Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
Large Meeting room 
FRIDAY  Matsumoto Secondary School 2 rooms   Voice repertoire class   Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
March 28th 9:20~11:20  Voice repertoire class  Katrina Pezzzimenti
13:00~14:30 Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School  String Orchestra Class B (Hallelujah Chorus. ) Prf. Koji Toyoda
13:00~14:30 Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School   Group Lesson Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
16:00~17:30 Matsumoto Performing Arts Center Lecture (Piano, Cd Player and Power Point presentation ) Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
SATURDAY  Matsumoto Secondary School 2 rooms  Voice repertoire class   Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
March 30th 9:20~11:20  Voice repertoire class  Ms. Katrina Pezzzimenti
13:00~14:30 Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School  String Orchestra Class B (Hallelujah Chorus. ) Prf. Koji Toyoda
13:00~14:30 Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School   Group Lesson Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
14:50~16:30 Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School  Informal Concerts -Hallelujah Chorus Students
-as the voice performers of a joint concert
14:50~16:30 Kissei Cultural Hall-Middle Hall Afternoon concert Tiia Ruikkala (student)
(14:50~) - as  the first performer, starting 14:50  ( Practise 12:10-12:30 )
17:00~18:30 TERI (a small room will be arranged.) Professional Development for the Voice Teachers Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
SUNDAY Matsumoto Catholic Church the Mass for Easter & Dr. S. Suzuki - as the part of Chorus teachers
March 31st 07:00~
9:20~ Matsumoto Secondary School 2 rooms  Suzuki Voice Repertoire at 9.20-10 Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
9:20~ Suzuki Voice Repertoire at 9.20-10  Ms. Katrina Pezzzimenti
10:00~11:00 Suzuki Voice Students Recital All together
13:00~15:30 Matsumoto City Gym Farewell Concert, Suzuki Voice students join the Twinkle  
Time Activity Name of Teachers who attend to teach students
THURSDAY 13:00~14:00 Group lesson  Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
FRIDAY  Voice repertoire class   Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
9:20~11:20  Voice repertoire class Ms. Katrina Pezzzimenti,
13:00~14:30  Group Lesson Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
SATURDAY 9:20~11:20  Voice repertoire class   Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
 Voice repertoire class Ms. Katrina Pezzzimenti,
13:00~14:30 Group lesson Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
17:00-18:30 Professional Develeopment for the Voice Teachers Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
SUNDAY   Voice repertoire class   Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki,
9:20~  Voice repertoire class Ms. Katrina Pezzzimenti,
10:00~11:00 Voice Students Recital  All together
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