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  • 29th Sep 2017 Suzuki Voice Program has a new fully accredited ESA Level 5 teacher ERIKO SHIMADA, Japan-England

  • Eriko Shimada, Soprano and Adrian Hobbs, Piano 29th Sep 2017 at 6.30 pm Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel. 3 Pilgrim's place, Hampstead, NW3 1NH, London (England). Eriko Shimada's Article is under title "Accredited Suzuki Voice Teachers"

  • In the Middle Eriko Shimada (Japan, England). Her Exam board was ESA Teacher Trainers Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, Home TT (Finland), Katrina Pezzimenti (Australia) and in the back Mette Heikkinen (Finland). Other persons in the photo are ESA TT Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (Finland), ESA TT Analia Capponi-Savolainen (Argentina-Finland), ESA Level 5 Teacher Amelia Seyssel (USA) and pianist Adrian Hobbs (England)

  • ESA Suzuki Voice Committee 2017-2020. ESA Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers: Analia Capponi-Savolainen, chair (middle), Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (left) and Katrina Pezzimenti (right)

  • Soprano Janina Mäyry (Finland) has accepted into Suzuki Voice Teacher-in-Training 2nd Oct 2017 in London. Janina has started Suzuki Voice Program at age 1,5 in 1999 as a student of Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, the Founder of the Suzuki Voice Program.

  • Kari Weldon (Arizona, USA) has completed ESA Suzuki Voice Teacher's Level Two Long Term Teacher Training and made Level Two examination at Talent Education Institute of Singing, Vantaa, Finland July 7th, 2017. Examiners were Mette Heikkinen, Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki and Mervi Sipola Maliniemi.

  • Autumn 2016 Hannah and Amanda from Massachusetts (Amelia Seyssel's Suzuki Voice students), USA, have passed auditions and are now members of Boston's Handel and Haydn Society Young Women's Chorus, the oldest musical society in the United States.Hannah, from Raynham, Massachusetts, auditioned and was accepted into the Handel and Haydn Society Young Women's Chamber Choir which recently performed at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA for the nationally broadcast NPR radio show 'From the Top'.

  • Suzuki Voice Program and Talent Education Institute of Singing, Finland celebrated its 30th Anniversary 2016
  • Mezzosoprano Pihla Terttunen has won second price at Oper Berg Festival - Grandi Voci 2016. Pihla is a former Suzuki Voice student of Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki.

GRANDI VOCI - results 2016
VII. International opera singers competition in Salzburg

1. Preis

2. Preis

  • Mezzosoprano Pihla Terttunen graduates as an opera singer from Sweden Opera Högskolan 4.6.2016!

  • Leea Lahtela (Finland) and Tiia Salminen (Finland) have completed ESA Suzuki Voice Teacher's Level One Long Term Teacher Training and made Level One examination at Talent Education Institute of Singing, Vantaa, Finland July 30th, 2016. Examiners were Analia Capponi-Savolainen, Mette Heikkinen and Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki
Marjaana Merikanto, Leea Lahtela, Tiia Salminen. Marjaana Merikanto (pianist) ESA Teacher Trainers Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi and Mette Heikkinen, Level 1 Suzuki Voice Teachers Leea Lahtela and Tiia Salminen, ESA Teacher Trainers Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki and Analia Capponi-Savolainen

Soprano Ulrika Ekström, a former Suzuki Voice student of Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (1998-2012) has been accepted into ESA Suzuki Voice Long Term Teacher Training 2.6.2016!

Ulrika has graduated as musician main subject Classical singing from Palmgren concervatory 2015, she has also a Barcelor degree from Helsinki University: main subject Education Theories and also Music Science. Ulrika has continued her studies at Jyväskylä Ammattikorkeakoulu (JAMK) Jyväskylä University of applied sciences: main subject Vocal pedagogy / classical singing.

Jaume, Sara and Maria Bañeras, Dalmau

Sara Bañeras a former Suzuki Voice student of Jaume Fargas has been selected by the Accademia Rossiniana working with "Il viaggio a Reims" in Italy July-August 2016!

To new Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (Finland) 29.2.2016

Petra Kukkamäki and Aleksandra Klimova

December 17th, 2015 at Balder Hall, Helsinki, Finland

Kari Weldon (Arizona, USA) has completed
ESA Level One January 23rd, 2016
Suzuki Voice Long Term Teacher Training
at Talent Education Institute of Singing, Finland
Exam Recitals were January 17th, 2016 in Helsinki and January 23rd, 2016 in Vantaa, Finland.

Listen to two arias from the concert in Germany 2014! Petra Kukkamäki (24y). Her teacher is professor Irina Gavrilovici in Austria.

Donizetti Linda di Chamounix "Ah, tardai troppo... o luce"

Rossini Semiramide "Bel raggio lusinghier"


to Soprano Maura Donnelly O’Halloran, USA (ESA Level 2)

to Soprano Satu Kaarisola-Kulo, Finland (ESA Level 1)

Suzuki Voice Teachers' Exams were made July 11th, 2015 in Finland

Thank you for the lovely Convention!


Tiia Salminen (Finland), Leea Lahtela (Finland)  Kari Weldon (USA)

Tiia Salminen (Finland), Leea Lahtela (Finland), Kari Weldon (USA), Laure Deseez Ricard (France) have been accepted into ESA Suzuki Voice Teacher Training

Eriko Shimada (England/Japan) has completed Suzuki Voice Teacher Training ESA Level 4 October 10th, 2014 at 6 pm

Eriko Shimada England / Japan (ESA Level 4)

Elina Risku-Pellinen Finland (ESA Level 2)

Outi pekkarinen (ESA Level 2)

Pihla Terttunen (Finland)

Winner's recital at Savonlinna opera festival Saturday July 5th, 2014 at 3 pm at Savonlinna Hall

Jaana Ikkala and Outi Pekkarinen (Finland), Maria Rivera White and Amelia Seyssel (USA), Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, Mette Heikkinen and Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (Finland), Analia Capponi-Savolainen (Argentina, Finland)

Amelia Seyssel (USA) has completed Suzuki Voice Teacher Training ESA Level 5, PPSA Advanced level, SAA UNIT 10

Suzuki Voice Teacher's Final recital was June 27th, 2014 at 6 pm at Lumme Hall in Finland

Suzuki Voice Teachers' Level 1 examination January 31st, and June 27th, 2014 in Finland

Maura Donnelly O'Halloran (USA), Elina Risku-Pellinen and Outi Pekkarinen (Finland)

Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi, level 5 (Finland) has appointed ESA Suzuki Voice Instructor March 2014!

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki was awarded on December 6th 2013 (Finnish Independence Day) an honorary medal of a Knight of the Order of

The White Rose of Finland!

The president of Finland is the Grand Master.

Asha Lunarzewski (Australia) has been accepted into Suzuki Voice Teacher Training October 2013 by three examiners!

Mezzosoprano Pihla Terttunen has won second price at Savonlinna Opera Festival

Eero Rantala scholarship 10 000 euros!

Pihla was in FINAL July 7th at 7 pm, 2013

at Savonlinna Opera Festival Timo Mustakallio Song Competition.

Pihla Terttunen started Suzuki Voice studies 2005 - 2011 with Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki.

She got into Metropolia 2011 and continues professional solo voice studies with Sirkku Wahlroos-Kaitila.

Maura Donnelly O'Halloran from Connecticut, USA and Outi Pekkarinen from Finland

have been accepted into Suzuki Voice Teacher Training by three examiners.

Suzuki Voice Teacher's exams
during the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention in Matsumoto, Japan 27.3.2013

Amelia Seyssel (USA) ESA Level 4 exam (140 hours)

Eriko Shimada (England, Japan) ESA Level 3 exam (120 hours)

Masayo Okano (Japan) ESA Level 2 exam (120 hours)


Suzuki Voice Students's 25th Anniversary year 2012 in Finland!

New musical "Snow White and Rose Red" was composed by Kimmo Ruotsala for Suzuki Voice Program.

158 students (age 4 months and up) performed in Finland.

A new Musical "Snow-White and Rose-Red" has been composed in honor of this event.

2013: Eriko Shimada, England-Japan (Level 3); Amelia Seyssel, USA (Level 4); Masayo Okano, Japan (Level 2)



2012: Suzuki Voice Teachers Eriko Shimada (Level 2), Masayo Okano (Level 1) and Lisa Murray (Level 1)!

2012 in training: Masayo Okano (Japan), Lisa Murray (USA), Elina Risku-Pellinen (Finland) and Eriko Shimada (England / Japan)

Congratulations to the new Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer
Analia Capponi-Savolainen !

The 16th Suzuki World Convention will be held in Japan Matsumoto 27.-31.3.2013 !

Suzuki Voice students in Matsumoto, Japan the first time 1989. Performing Volume 1 and 2 songs.

Shinichi Suzuki was born on October 17, 1898 (Nagoya, Japan) 113 years ago. I had a honor to sing Schubert's Ave Maria as a soloisit with Suzuki violinists during his 88th birthday 1986 in Matsumoto, Japan. How beautifull memories! Päivi

See the Practise for Japan video

The 10th International "Songs for Sharing" Suzuki Voice Workshop was held in Melbourne, Australia Monday January 2 - Saturday January 7, 2012. Our Warm Thanks to Katrina Pezzimenti and her family and students and her assistants Penny Adeney and Ainslie Jäckel. Singing and Sharing together was absolute wonderfull!

Amelia Seyssel (USA) and Penny Adeney (Australia) have made Suzuki Voice Program Level 3 examination (120 hours) and Ainslie Jäckel (Australia) has made Level Two Suzuki Voice Program Level 2 examination (120 hours).

Congratulations! Eriko Shimada (Japan / England) has made Suzuki Voice Program Level 1 examination (150 hours) July 2011. She is the first Suzuki Voice Teacher from Japan. Welcome to Suzuki Voice Program!

Eriko Shimada graduated from Musashino Academia Music in Tokyo, and postgraduate course at the Trinity College of Music. Before moving to England, she had already made numerous TV and radio appeances in Japan. Although making London her base, she continues to perform as a soprano throughout Europe and Japan, and her powerful voice has received widespread critical acclain. She was awarded first prize of Hounslow music festival in England and was awared The Bellini International Voice competition, and the Alcamo Music Festival in Italy. Eriko has sung a wide variety of opera roles in many locations in Europe and Japan, such as The Royal Albert Hall, the Theatre Basel, the Manchester Opera House, Holland Park Opera.

Congratulations! Amelia Seyssel (USA) has made Suzuki Voice Teacher's Level 2 examination (120 hours), February 2011.

Amelia Seyssel holds a master of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance & Literature from Mills College, CA, where she was awarded both a Hellman Scholarship for individual instruction and an Academic Scholarship for outstanding achievement. She is registered member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA), is an Active Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). Ms. Seyssel is currently active as a recitalist, specializing in Art Song repertoire of the English, Spanish and French language composers with a special focus on her work with pianist Maria Rivera White- the "Cantatrice Art Song Ensemble":

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