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Singing together – man is son of his environment

Mrs. Waltraud Suzuki

Mrs. Waltraud Suzuki and Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

"Tests have shown that babies still in the womb observe and catch outside stimuli. After birth, they recognize songs and other music played or sung to them while in their mother’s womb. They stop crying or they show joyful reactions if they hear familiar songs or music.

A good musical environment filled with song recordings is essential to train the ears and musical sense of babies. Mothers may sing or hum melodies while bathing, dressing and playing with their babies. Without environmental stimuli there is no musical aptitude in the newborn. This ability has to be educated.

A child learns his mother tongue through listening and imitation in the beginning stage. It is joyful experience and this should be the way with all learning. One cannot judge a five years old’s “talent” without looking at his/her upbringing until then. A superior environment has the greatest effect in creating superior qualities. What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child. Singing together is stimulating and joyful while planting the seed of ability."

Mrs. Waltraud Suzuki and Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki in Japan 1999


Celebration of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

October 17th

Dr. Suzuki's 88th birthday in Matsumoto, Japan 1986
Franz Schubert's Ave Maria performed by Päivi Kukkamäki and Suzuki violinists 1986
1988 in Sweden
1989 Suzuki Voice group the 1st time in Matsumoto, Japan (Volume 1 and 2 students)

1989 in Japan after performing to Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Waltraud Suzuki

Volume 1 and Volume 2 songs

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki and Christian 1,5 year-old Suzuki Voice student from Finland

1990 the 1st time in Sydney, Australia
1999 Suzuki Voice group the 2nd time in Japan
1999 Suzuki Voice group the 2nd time in Japan
2013 in Japan Suzuki Voice group the 3rd time in Matsumoto
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