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"Songs fo Sharing"

International Suzuki Voice Workshop


02.01-06.01 2009 Teachers and Students workshop

07.01-08.01. 2009 Teacher Training/ examinations/Teachers Meetings.

La Plata City- Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Open to all qualified Suzuki Voice teachers,

accepted Suzuki Voice teachers-in-training and

Suzuki Voice students and parents

around the world


Interested teachers can register by sending an audition DVD and resume to be accepted as Suzuki Voice teacher-in-training (deadline 30.11.2008).

For more information please go to "Teacher training" page or contact

Analia Capponi-Savolainen
Suzuki Voice Teacher
The Assistant of Latin-America
International Suzuki Voice Program

Workshop activities for teachers-in-training:

  • Teacher Training
  • Teaching in practice
  • Repertoire practice and technique
  • Songs analyzing Observations and discussion Recitals

Other activities at the Workshop

  • All registered Teachers and Students are invited to participate in:
  • "Qué es el programa de Canto Suzuki"? ( lecture)
  • Memories of the Suzuki Voice Program (Pictorial exhibition)
  • "Songs for Sharing" Recital
  • "La Música Rioplatense" (lectures and practice)
  • Folk Argentinian Music Recital
  • Tango exhibition
  • Presentations about the country and its culture (by teachers and students from Australia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Finland and Paraguay
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