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The 9th International

"Songs for Sharing"

Suzuki Voice Workshop

28.06 - 2.7.2010

Vantaa, Finland

The patrons of this event are Cultural Services Directors Iiris Lehtonen and Annukka Larkio from Vantaa Town

Suzuki Voice Teachers and Students Workshop
Master Class for Advanced Suzuki Voice Students
Suzuki Voice Teacher Training / Examinations / Teachers Meetings

Open to all qualified Suzuki Voice Teachers, accepted Suzuki Voice Teachers-in-training and Suzuki Voice students and parents around the world

Interested teachers can register by sending an audition DVD and resume to be accepted as Suzuki Voice teacher-in-training (deadline 30.04.2010). For more information please go to "Teacher training" page:

Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers: Mette Heikkinen (Finland), Katrina Pezzimenti (Australia), and Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (Finland). Suzuki Voice Teachers: Analia Capponi-Savolainen (Argentina, Finland), Jaume Fargas (Spain), Julian Molinero (Argentina), Aldo Adrian Guerrero Moreno (Mexico), Suzie Prytz (Sweden), Amelia Seyssel (USA), Eriko Shimada (Japan, UK) and Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi (Finland). Opera Master Class mainly for Level Five Suzuki Voice students and Voice Theatre Crescendo singers: opera singer Jussi Merikanto (Finland). Pianists: Marjaana Merikanto, Kimmo Ruotsala and Tuuli Takkala.

Workshop activities for teachers-in-training:

  • Teacher Training (in all levels)
  • Teaching in Practice
  • Repertoire Practice and Technique
  • Songs Analyzing
  • Observations and Discussions
  • Recitals
  • Exams

Other activities at the Workshop

All registered Teachers and Students are invited to participate in:

  • "Suzuki Voice Program since 1986" (lecture)
  • 24 years memories of the Suzuki Voice Program (Pictorial exhibition, DVDs)
  • Solo Recitals
  • International "Songs for Sharing" Recital (group items)
  • Country / Culture Presentations from participant countries.
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