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Teaching exams are at TERI Room 201 (Grand piano)

Amelia Seyssel's level 4 examination

9.00 (15 mins prepare the place)
9.15-10 individual lesson with Tiia
10-10.45 group lesson with Nathanial, Julia, Lucinda, Katia, Tiia, Mari and Penny

10.45-11 ALL TEACHERS playing skills and conversation Masayo, Amelia and Eriko.

Masayo Okano's Level 2 examination
11—11.15 new time Individual lesson
11.15—11.45 new time group lesson (15 mins to move to MPAC)

12—12.45 Faculty Meeting is at Matsumoto Performing Art Center, Open studio, the teaching exam is in TERI
13-14.00  (1 -2 pm) The International Teachers' Conference "Opening Concert" Quest Faculty members will be introduced (we sit in the front)

30 mins to move to TERI HALL for Recitals. We need to start on time at 14.30 (2.30 pm).

AT TERI HALL 14.30-17.00 (2.30-5 pm)

Recitals (no applause between the songs) very strict time schedule

2.30-2.50 pm  Masayo Okano Level 2
2.50-3.30 pm Amelia Seyssel Level 4
3.30-3.50 pm Eriko Shimada Level 3 with instrumentalists
3.50-4.35 pm group lesson Level 3 with instrumentalist, Katrina's and my students (Tiia, Mari, Viivi (Heli), Nathanael, Julia, Grace, Jasmine, Lucinda, Katia)
4.35-5.05 pm individual lesson with Lucinda (about 30 mins)

"Repertoire Class Meeting" 17-18 MPAC

The meeting about exams perhaps at 18.30-19 pm.
Teachers Banquet starts 19.00

The 16th Suzuki World Convention was held in Japan Matsumoto 27.-31.3.2013 !

See the Practise for Japan video

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