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Suzuki Voice Productions in Finland

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, dirigent

2002 Engelbert Humberdinck Hänsel und Gretel -opera (in original language German)
2003 ja 2004 Rodgers & Hammerstein The Sound of Music (in original language English)
2004 ja 2005 Xavier Montsalvatge Puss in Boots -opera (in original language Spanish)
2005 Wald Disney Musicals Satuelokuvamusiikin kavalkadi
2007 Timo-Juhani Kyllönen koko perheen ooppera ROOPE -poika joka ei uskaltanut pelätä The new Finnish Children's opera
2008 Frank Churchill Snow White Musical / Lumikki ja 7 pientä kääpiötä -satumusikaali
2010 Erkki Melartin Sleeping Beauty / Prinsessa Ruusunen laulunäytelmä
2011 Petra Kukkamäki Christmas / Korvatunturin Katastrofi jouluinen laulukomedia
2012 Kimmo Ruotsala Snow-White and Rose-Red Musical / Lumivalko ja Ruusunpuna satumusikaali konserttitalo Martinuksessa
2013 Suzuki-Families r.y.:n 25-vuotis juhlagaala / Gaala
2014 Kimmo Ruotsala Snow-White and Rose-Red Musical / Lumivalko ja Ruusunpuna satumusikaali Taidetalo Pessissä maaliskuussa ja Vernissassa lokakuussa
2015 Kimmo Ruotsala Snow-White and Rose-Red Musical / Lumivalko ja Ruusunpuna satumusikaali Vernissassa lokakuussa
2016 Suzuki Voice Program and Talent Education Institute of Singing 30th Anniversary Gala
2017 Laulu Suomen on Finland 100 Anniversary production in 15 places during the year
2018 Petra Kukkamäki Christmas fairytale / 'Korvatunturin Katastrofi' - 'Disaster in Korvatunturi', dirigent Petra Kukkamäki
2019 Petra Kukkamäki Christmas movie / 'Korvatunturin katastrofi' - 'Disaster in Korvatunturi', dirigent Petra Kukkamäki
2020-2021 Engelbert Humberdinck Hänsel und Gretel -opera (in original language German)
2021 Petra Kukkamäki fairytale 'Lämpömittari', dirigent Petra Kukkamäki

The Families co-operate for the Music Promotion

The Suzuki-Families Association gathers the families to take an active part in the child's musical interest. In the Method of Suzuki the parents and the teacher are working together with the child. The Suzuki Voice Program deals with developing the teaching method for the voice and its material. The Finnish Doctor of Music Päivi Kukkamäki, has pionered in carrying out an international project in developing the method. Kukkamäki's work for music has inspired the young people to develope their personal voices. These singing and playing moments are full of joy and the lessons fulfill the best co-operation and the warm community spirit between all the participants. This forms the foundation for fruitful musical studies which is important for the personal development for the young pupils. In addition to singing and playing skills the aim of method is to support the individual to become a happy, balanced and social person trusting one's own skills.

This association is founded by parents of young singers and musicians. The families' co-operation provides a significant support and continuity to the musical studies of young pupils as well as to the work of teachers. Among many kinds of the concert tours in different countries, camps and singing events also create tolerance and positive atmosphere for the interest in music. Suzuki-Families Association organizes concerts, performances for pre-school and school-children, trips for musical studies and co-operative learning and training lessons.

Music brings experiences and energy to the whole family - it gathers and brings families closer together and promotes them to work for the young people!

Sirpa Kivilaakso
PhD. Phil.
Researcher of Children's literature

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