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Kimmo Ruotsala Snow-White and Rose Red 2012-2015

"Snow-White and Rose-Red" MUSICAL

composed for Suzuki Voice Program

A new Musical "Snow-White and Rose-Red" has been composed in honor of

the 25th Anniversary of the Suzuki Voice Students' in 2012.

Kimmo Ruotsala has composed a new musical especially for the Suzuki Voice Program. The musical is adaptation of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm's story "Snow-White and Rose-Red", a subject which has not been composed before.

The story tells of two girls, "Snow-White" and "Red-Rose", who are living in the forest with their mother. Additional roles included in the musical are two prices called Henrik and Erik, a Bear, a Guardian Angel, the King of Dwarfs and an Army of Dwarfs. Courtiers dance in the Castle and Fairies, Butterflies and Animals in the Forest. The musical has three acts and the style is traditional including effects from both classical and movie music styles. All scenes have singing, speaking and dancing. The musical will be exciting - good and evil are fighting against each other. The wicked King of Dwarfs fails at the end and the story ends happily.

The musical is suitable for kindergarten children age 5 (age 3 - 4 with the parents), schoolchildren age 6 - 11 and all families.

The roles have been enlarged from the original story - there are more roles and many group items in the libretto in order to make the plot of the play interesting for the stage. Boys have also been taken into consideration with special songs having been composed for them.

Over 100 Suzuki Voice students (all ages from age 0 - 25-year-olds) and singers from the Theatre "Crescendo" will perform the musical with professional musicians. Suzuki Voice Teachers will practise the songs with their students. Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, ESA Instrument Director for Voice, will direct the musical. The Orchestra consists of Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Piano and Percussion. Kimmo Ruotsala will conduct. The performances will be held between November 21st - 25th, 2012 at Concert Hall Martinus, Vantaa, Finland. The main celebration day will be Sunday 25th November 2012 ! Wellcome to Finland!

Suzuki Voice Students's 25th Anniversary year 2012 in Finland!

A new Musical "Snow-White and Rose-Red" has been composed in honor of this event.

New musical "Snow White and Rose Red" was composed by Kimmo Ruotsala for Suzuki Voice Program.

158 students (age 4 months and up) performed in Finland.

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