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Teacher Training

Teacher's Exams since 1998

Each European and Australian training level

consists of 120 - 160 hours depending on the level

Each level is assumed to be completed over a one to two year period while the teacher-in-training is also applying learned teaching skills independently and receiving periodic feedback and support from the Teacher Trainer. After acceptance training will be planned together with the Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer/s. ESA Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers also work and train as a team. Training consists both individual and master class type training including lectures.

Audition deadlines per year are

30th of January, March, May, August and October

Please contact Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki suzukivoice(a) and send an Audition TWO months before the training period starts to the panel. Please take care with the quality of your recording and its sound. The recording gives an important first impression.


Participation to the training in Australia by application to PPSA Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer Katrina Pezzimenti. Participation to the training in Finland by application to ESA Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers Analia Capponi-Savolainen, Mette Heikkinen, Mervi Sipola-Maliniemi and Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki.

Training period is possible to start

any time of the year by application

to Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainers

Level 1—5 (ESA) Primary—Advanced level (PPSA, ANSTEA)

Level 1, Primary level Stage 1 - total 150 hours is recommended (Minimum 120 hours)
Level 2, Primary level Stage 2 - total 120 hours
Level 3, Intermediate level Stage 1 - total 120 hours
Level 4, Intermediate level Stage 2 - total 140 hours
Level 5, Advanced level - total 160 hours

Preparation for examination at each level

After specific teacher training tasks have been completed and accepted, the teacher-in-training is able to plan their examination. The Recital Program has to be approved by the Suzuki Voice Exam Board at least two months before it is presented. The pianist should receive the accompaniments one month before the exam date and rehearsals should be arranged. The teacher-in-training should use their own students for the teaching exam, but in exceptional circumstances, two months notice is required for the exam board to arrange suitable students.

Suzuki Voice Teacher examination has four parts:

Teaching (group and individual lessons)
Conversation / Oral Examination (Suzuki Voice Program, Suzuki Philosophy, Vocal pedagogy)
Playing skills
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