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Some selected history of 'Talent Education Institute of Singing' (TEIS)

  • Dr Päivi Kukkamäki and Ilari Kukkamäki founded the 'Talent Education Institute of Singing' - Model-Hangar Oy Music Department in Vantaa, Finland in 1986. An original logo made by Paula Mäenpää in 1986 (Dr. Kukkamäki's mother)
  • The program was fully researched and developed by Päivi Kukkamäki at Sibelius University over the course of a 15-year research project with teaching techniques and materials developed from 1987 to 2003. 
    • All Suzuki Voice students were Dr. Kukkamäki's students from TEIS
    • Her doctoral thesis was published 2003 as Laulun myötä kasvuun - Laulusuzukimenetelmän kehittämisprojekti. 
  • The World first Suzuki Voice students started at TEIS and at Vantaa Music Institute in 1986
  • The World first Expectant mothers' Suzuki Voice Group started at TEIS in 1987.
  • 'Suzuki Singing in Finland' -  The Historical Suzuki Voice Recording (1986-1991) was recorded with Suzuki Voice Students at TEIS by Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki and AV center - the city of Vantaa in 1991. Video, later DVD was sent over 25 countries.
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  • 'Growing Through Singing - The Suzuki Voice Program and Its Development' was published in English in 2018.
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  • The First Suzuki Voice Teachers were trained at 'Talent Education Institute of Singing' since 1991. Suzuki Voice Teachers trained by Dr. Kukkamäki is marked *
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